Elijah Long '15 Makes an Impact Both On and Off the Court

Elijah Long '15 Makes an Impact Both On and Off the Court

Eli Long '15 and Fan Brady

Mount St. Mary’s University gained not only an all-star athlete in John Carroll graduate Elijah Long '15, but a hometown hero as well. For one young Bel Air boy named Brady, meeting Eli almost 5 years ago at John Carroll was a dream come true. Through their mutual love of basketball, Eli and Brady instantly formed a bond, and the two became each other’s biggest fans, “supporting each other at one another's games, text messages, pep talks,” relays Brady’s mother, Alison Stangle. “Their relationship took off and a friendship was born.” 

As a Canadian student at John Carroll, Eli was far from home and family. Young Brady and the Stangle family were grateful for the opportunity they have had in supporting Eli and being part of his extended Bel Air family. Watching his idol play as a sophomore for Mount St. Mary’s (MSM) has been tremendous for Brady, and being an eye witness to the team’s Northeast Conference Championship win to clinch their spot in the NCAA tournament was beyond words for the young fan. Brady’s mother Alison was with her son in the stands after the win for MSM and recounts, “The arena was absolute mayhem when they won and every reporter and ESPN commentator were vying for his attention along with an arena filled with fans. Brady waited in the chaos and finally gently tapped him on the back. [Eli] turned around and screamed ‘Brady! Brady, come meet my family!’”

Eli’s success as a basketball player is measured by being named First Team All-Conference (NEC), as well as MVP of the tournament, but his success as a role model and person is limitless. For one grateful mother, “it is just a reminder that sometimes the smallest eyes are watching but your impact can be immeasurable.”

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