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Parent-Administration Alliance (PAL)

Goals of PAL

The Goals of the Parent-Administration Alliance: 

  1. To articulate issues and concerns of parents to the School administration.
  2. To assist the administration in addressing the issues and concerns of the parents.
  3. To advise the administration, as requested, on ideas regarding the academic, arts, and athletic programs of the School and overall School life. 

The Alliance may address any issue or idea connected with any aspect of school programs. It will NOT address the following:

  1. Specific school personnel. This will fall under the authority of the Principal and President;
  2. Individual student problems. These are to be discussed by the parents with the teacher/coach involved; and/or the appropriate department chair or supervisor; and/or the Principal.


Parent-Administration Alliance (PAL) membership consists of: The Chair, Grade Representatives (4 appointed for each grade by the Chair for a set term); the Principal of John Carroll; and the President of the school.

PAL will meet regularly during the school year from September through June. Parents are reminded to contact their Grade Representatives with issues or ideas they would like to have presented at the next PAL meeting.

Submissions can be questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions. From time to time, the administration will request information and suggestions from the parent body with the help of the Grade Representatives.  

PAL submission form

Class Representatives: 2016–17 

Co-Chairs: Nancy Molali and Patty Griffin

  • 2017 Reps: Amy Meyerl, Nancy Molali, Dee Poholsky, David Taylor
  • 2018 Reps: Mark Engelhaupt, Patty Griffin, Lisa Sheehan, Dawn Tridone
  • 2019 Reps: Karen Amos, Diana Capobianco, Colleen Crews, Mark Lotz
  • 2020 Reps: Kellie Rosso, Connie Hopkins, Jill McNulty, Yvette Hawkins


The minutes from any PAL meeting are available by contacting Cathy Frazier at