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The John Carroll School Friend-to-Friend Club is a unique and special club designed to give students opportunities to serve others and form lasting relationships with children and adults who have both physical and mental disabilities.  The JC Patriots have teamed with a number of local programs in order to provide a myriad of service opportunities. Our primary program is working with the residents of Gallegher Homes (a division of Catholic Charities) to provide on campus events where John Carroll students come alongside their buddies to share life in our community.  In the past we have attended various sporting events, both the fall and the spring musical together, hosted Christmas and Valentine parties, Held a Live Exotic Animal Show, and a Outdoor Bar-B-Que and Game Night.  Each year, different activities are chosen by the students and a very special evening is planned.  Students can find out more about upcoming events by keeping an eye out for messages on the school website and in the daily bulletin or e-updates. 

This year the Friend-to-Friend program is expanding to also provide some opportunities working with younger children with disabilities from the John Archer school and also the club will be sponsoring a new Cheerleading team for those with special needs to work alongside our Patriot Cheer Squad for a few special events.  We will also be sponsoring a few Special Olympic events this year as John Carroll has a long history of working with Special Olympics hosting Softball, Floor Hockey, and Badminton Tournaments. 

 If you are interested in joining the Friend-to-Friend Club please contact either April Moscati (, Katie Minnis ( or Mr. Hollin ( in room 321.